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Various Internet Filters, Monitors, and the Like
Filter Cost Platform Audience Features Description
$7/month android, ios, linux, macosx, windows addict, parent accountability, monitoring, timer Accountable2You originated as a personal replacement for other, slower, accountability software and has since blossomed into a product in its own right. The product site and product interface are quite nice.
Clean Router
Clean Router
$10-$15/month network parent, general filtering, hardware, monitoring, smarts, timer
free android, ios, linux, macosx, network, windows parent, general filtering Similar to the more well known OpenDNS, CleanBrowsing says their filters are more strict and better for kids.
$11/month to $15/month android, ios, macosx, windows addict, parent, general accountability, filtering, monitoring, spying, timer CovenantEyes has a beautiful website with a lot of articles about pornography. The site seems to target porn addicts and concerned parents with roughly equal emphasis. The focus (and strength) of the software is accountability rather than filtering.
free linux, macosx, network overlord abandoned, filtering, gateway, historic, more, password, proxy, ratings, smarts DansGuardian is/was a content filtering proxy that works in conjunction with another caching proxy such as Squid or Oops. It seems to be targeted primarily toward filtering internet content for organizations such as schools. The last release was in 2013. See E2guardian.
free for youth, $39 for adults android, ios, macosx, windows addict other Fortify is not a filter, but it is similar enough to warrant inclusion here. Instead of filtering or monitoring, it aims to educate and support a porn user as he/she moves toward that goal.
Norton Family
Norton Family
free to $50 android, ios, macosx, windows parent, general, addict accountability, monitoring Norton Family has free and paid offerings, both of which are aimed at parents who want to know what their children are doing online.
free to $15 / month android, linux, macosx, windows addict changedelay, filtering, mimetypes, monitoring, opensource-contrib, timer Customizable, but blocks all images from the internet by default. Its delayed-configuration system is designed to bolster self-control on the Internet.
free or $55/year android, ios, macosx, windows parent, overlord, general, addict filtering, locationtracking, monitoring, smarts, spying, timer Qustodio appears to be a complete filtering/monitoring package. Aimed primarily at parents and schools, it boasts that its "smart internet filters scans web content in real time". There are some rumors it hampers the Internet experience of folks who have slow Internet connections.
SelfControl for Mac
SelfControl for Mac
macosx general, slacker ailing, filtering, opensource, timer SelfControl is an open source project, the purpose of which is to allow the user to block access to websites (or mail servers) for a predetermined period of time.
free to $99/year android, ios, macosx, windows addict, parent abandoned, ailing, filtering, monitoring, password Development of X3Watch seems to have ceased in 2017, and customers given the chance to transfer membership to EverAccountable.
ADAMnetworks $8/month network parent, spouse, overlord, addict filtering ADAMnetworks aims to keep people safe as they live and interact onlilne.
AVG Family Safety windows parent antivirus
ActivTrak free to $336 / month / 5 users macosx, windows overlord filtering, monitoring, screenshots
ActivityLogger overlord
Adblock Plus browser antiad
Aobo $50 (free trial) macosx, windows parent, addict, general filtering, monitoring
Atlas Web Browser android antiad, hermit Can optionally use AdBlockPlus filters and optional low bandwidth (no-image and no-javascript) mode.
BitDefender Internet Security $70 windows antivirus
Block site chrome general, parent blacklist, keyword, password, whitelist
Blocksi chrome, chromeos overlord, parent biglist, cloud, filtering Blocksi is a Chrome and Chromebook product targeted at schools where control and monitoring of Chromebooks is needed. It offers filtering, time management, and trend analysis. It can also be installed as a standalone Chrome extension.
Blocksi Router $60 upfront + $30/year after 2 free years network parent, general, overlord biglist, cloud, filtering, hardware, monitoring The Blocksi router is a physical device intended to be installed as the network router at home for families.
Boomerang Parental Control $16/year to $31/year android filtering
BrowseControl $80 windows overlord filtering, free, monitoring, trial
BullGuard Internet Security antivirus
ButterFly Browser antiad A minimalist browser that uses few system resources and that blocks ads.
Care4teen parent
Cedar Creek Filtering $15/month overlord, parent biglist, filtering, gateway, hardware, network The product is a physical router that "plugs in between your WiFi Router and your internet provider's modem".
Child Control $30 windows parent filtering, monitoring, timer
Chrome supervised profile free chrome parent
Circle network parent
Clean Internet $3-$5/month android, windows parent, general, addict
ClearPlay ClearPlay is a service that filters out violence and sexual content from content purchased or rented on GooglePlay, or from special Blu-ray or DVD players.
Cold Turkey free to $19 windows addict, slacker filtering, timer Cold Turkey is a relatively simple filter designed to support self-control by allowing the end-user to configure times of the week during which to block access to certain websites.
Computer Cop parent
ComputerTime parent timer
Content Cleaner $20 pixelation
Content Protect Pro $40 android, macosx, network, windows overlord filtering
ContentBarrier macosx parent, general filtering, monitoring, spying
CurrentWare Suite $500 for 5 computers, variable overlord biglist, filtering The suite includes Includes AccessPatrol, BrowseControl, BrowseReporter, and enPowerManager. The products are sold to employers who want to control and monitor employees.
CustomBlocker CustomBlocker filters any element on any web site with any conditionwith XPath and RegExp.
CyberPatrol Parental Controls $40/year windows overlord, parent filtering, games, monitoring, timer
CyberSentinel parent
CyberSitter parent
Cyclope-Series overlord
DNSthingy $8/month network parent, overlord, general, addict DNSthingy is for Canadians, users of Clear OS, or those willing to flash their home router.
Disconnect chrome general
E2guardian Web filtering overlord, parent filtering, gateway, more, proxy, ratings, smarts e2guardian is a fork and continuation of DansGuardian. It is an open source web content filter that filters based on many methods including phrase matching, request header, URL filtering, etc. Unlike DansGuardian, e2guardian has some support for https filtering, if the necessary authoritative certificates are installed in the browser.
ESET Smart Security antivirus
EverAccountable $7/month android, windows monitoring
FSecure windows general, parent antivirus
Family Link free android, ios parent monitoring, timer Made by Google. Works on Android Nougat 7.0 or higher.
Familyloop Safeguard $5/month for 3 devices parent filtering, monitoring
FilterPak unknown windows parent, addict accountability, biglist, filtering, monitoring
FlashStart overlord
Focus $20 macosx slacker, general productivity, timer
Forcefield $12 / month parent
Forest android, browser, ios, windows
FoxFilter free to $15/year browser parent, general, overlord filtering, keyword FoxFilter is an add-on to Firefox and Chrome designed to "protect children and teens from inappropriate content on the Web." It only works in Firefox and Chrome.
Freedom $2/month to $7/month ios, macosx, windows slacker filtering, timer Formerly called Anti-Social Pro, the software is marketed towareds those seeking to avoid the distractions of the Internet.
Funamo android parent filtering, games, monitoring, timer
Gaggle overlord
Guard Your Eyes free, but fines if you view porn addict other Guard your eyes is an online program, not a true filter. Users pay fines every time they view porn.
Habatica ios accountability A to-do app that helps the user form good habits. Its tagline is 'gamify your life'
HomeGuard $39-$49 windows overlord, parent filtering, monitoring, screenshots, spying Activity Forensics is primarily spying software that logs computer use including keystrokes, screenshots, Internet activity, and other data. It offers rudimentary filtering.
HostsBlock free to $5 windows
IMView ios, macosx, windows monitoring, spying
IamBigBrother windows monitoring, spying
Image Block browser
Integrity Buddy $5/month
Integrity Online
Intent chrome slacker timetracking
InternetOff free windows timer
K9 Web Protection
K9 Web Protection
free for personal use android, ios, macosx, windows overlord, parent, general, addict abandoned, biglist, countermeasures, filtering, monitoring, password, timer Abandoned, as of June 30, 2019. Originally a product of Blue Coat, the filter was freely available for individuals looking to protect themselves or their family. However, Blue Coat was acquired by Symantec, and Symantec discontinued the product in 2019.
Kaspersky antivirus
KidRocket parent browser
KidoZ parent
Kids Place android parent, addict, general filtering, monitoring
KidsWatch parent
Knas Based Accountability free macosx, windows accountability, monitoring
LG Gate android overlord
LeeckBlock browser
Lightning Web Browser $1 android antiad, hermit An Android browser with built-in ad-blocking.
Little Web Browser android Little Browser reduces data utilization by displaying only readable content from webpages and by not downloading extraneous contents like scripts and images.
MMGuardian android, ios
Mac OS X Parental Controls macosx parent filtering, monitoring, ratings, smarts Mac OS X Parental Controls can operate in three modes: unrestricted, automatic, and whitelist.
Manage SPIN Safe Browser free to $5/month android addict, parent, slacker applock, filtering, timer Mangage SPIN is an applocker intended to be used alongside the SPIN Safe browser. Manage SPIN prevents access to browsers other SPIN Safe and/or Chrome, which it can filter. It has free and premium (aka freemium) feature sets.
ManicTime free to $67 android, linux, mac, windows slacker timetracking
McAfee Family Protection windows filtering, monitoring
Microsoft Parental Controls free windows parent filtering, games, timer
MinorMonitor free social
MobiCIP free to $40/year android, chromeos, ios, kindle, macosx, nook, windows filtering, monitoring
MobileMinder android parent games, monitoring, timer
ModemLockDown $10 windows
MyKidisSafe android, ios parent filtering, monitoring, spying
NX Filter free to $$ network overlord, general, parent biglist, filtering, monitoring A DNS-based filter and monitor, similar to OpenDNS, but with user-authentication capability for user-specific rules.
Naked Browser free android hermit A browser that uses a privacy-conserving configuration, Naked Browser seems to have been written for the author's own use and then shared with the world.
Net Angel free to $15/month network parent, spouse, addict Net Angel sells home routers that have e2guardian pre-installed. Whenever a website is blocked, a text message is sent to a phone number. As of 2016-11-11, the company also has beta-quality iOS and Android apps that will feature similar techniques.
Net Nanny $13 to $40/year android, macosx, windows parent accountability, biglist, filtering, monitoring, social, timer
NetGenie network parent
NoFap Panic Button browser motivate
Norton ConnectSafe DNS Server network parent
OpenDNS free to $20/year android, ios, linux, macosx, network, windows general, parent filtering, monitoring Free for home use, OpenDNS is both easy-to-use and popular.
Optenet $40 windows parent, addict filtering, monitoring, smarts, timer
Override DNS $2
PC Tattletale overlord, parent
Parenteeno $25/year android, windows parent keystrokes, monitoring, screenshots, social, spying Parenteeno monitors what the user (i.e., child) does on the target device and sends the data to the Parenteeno servers where reports are prepared for parental review. The product is created by 2 dads in Dublin and the product page says it is all about protecting children from "cyberbullying, sexting, predators and other menace."
PeanutButterPC $25 windows parent
Pearl Echo $30 windows overlord filtering, monitoring
Play This 2 Play That $1 android parent games, timer Requires user play a certain amount of educational games to unlock other apps.
Porn Blocker ios, macosx, safari
Privoxy free linux, macosx, network, windows hermit, general, parent proxy Privoxy is a non-caching web proxy designed to enhance privacy, control access, and remove ads.
Public Fox free but prompts user to install AdBeaver adware browser filtering, password Public Fox can block downloads, prevent browser changes, lock down addons, bookmarks, and more, block unwanted web sites.
PureSight windows parent filtering, monitoring, timer
Rescuetime free to $9 / month android, linux, macosx, windows slacker filtering, timetracking
Router Limits free to $20/month network parent filtering, monitoring
R|Tribe free to $6/month android, ios addict accountability, monitoring R|Tribe is an app for mobile devices that attempts to assist users in "interrupting the addiction cycle." Through in-app connections to friends (i.e., reports), and self-tracking of recovery, the user gains knowledge about their own addiction cycle and is assisted in finding ways to break it.
SPIN Safe Browser free android,, browser, ios, parent, addict filtering SPIN is a browser with built-in filtering. It has 4.2 stars in the Android store.
Safe Access windows
SafeDNS $20/year network parent, overlord filtering
SafeSquid $10/user/year or $5/CPU hour network overlord gateway Designed for organizations, the minimum system requires for SafeSquid are 2GB of ram and 2 CPU cores.
Safesurfer free with registration or pay what you want android, network parent filtering A DNS service for families with children. The service is pay what you want with registration.
Samsung Knox android overlord
Screen Time android parent monitoring, timer
ScreenRetriever parent
SecureTeen $40 / year android, ios, windows parent filtering, games, monitoring
SelfControl for Linux linux general, slacker abandoned, filtering, opensource, timer The purpose of the program is to block access to certain web sites (Blacklist) for a period of time with no easy way to unblock access. It was last updated in 2010.
SelfRestraint linux, macosx, windows general, slacker filtering, timer SelfRestraint is a cross platform application which blocks access to websites for a predetermined period of time. It was inspired by SelfControl.
SniperSpy macosx, windows monitoring, spying
Soft Eyes
SpyAgent windows monitoring, spying
Spysure $49 parent filtering, monitoring, screenshots, spying
SquidGuard free network parent, general, overlord abandoned, biglist, gateway A URL redirector that can be used with the Squid proxy and that supports large blacklists (altough DansGuardian claims to be significantly faster). It has seen very little modification in recent years. biglist Squidblacklist (SBL) is a publisher of blacklists for web filtering platforms.
StayFocusd browser, chrome general, slacker filtering, timer StayFocusd is a Chrome plugin that can block "time wasting" websites. It only works in Chrome.
Stop-it free or donate browser
Streaks ios A to-do app that helps the user form good habits.
SureLock android
SurveilStar overlord
Totalnetguard $35/year A suite of products offered by American Family Online. Oddly, you must enter your mailing address to get the products.
Trend Micro antivirus
True Vine Online $8-$10/month android, ios, macosx, windows parent Originally founded as a dial up ISP back in the late 90s, True Vine now offers the TVO Blockit kit to filter the Internet from a "Christian perspective." The company formerly used FilterPak.
Truple $5 / month android, windows addict, parent accountability, screenshots Truple captures screenshots at random times.
Trustwave SecureBrowsing free browser
UBhind android, ios applock, monitoring, timer With UBhind, you can once and for all curb your smartphone overuse and regain control of your productivities!
URLFilterService free windows filtering URLFilterService works categorizes sites using Shalla Secure Service and Université Toulouse 1 Capitole url listings. The installation video shows that one must disable default Windows security in order to install it, and the FAQ says, "Use it at your own risk." Indeed.
Variato $100 android, macosx, windows overlord monitoring, spying Used for spying on employees.
Veriato 360 overlord
Verity $70 windows parent screenshots
Victory App android, ios addict journal The Victory App is a combination electronic journal, calendar, and book intended to help the user quit porn.
WOT free browser general biglist, filtering WOT is a browser plugin that displays a trust-level icon next to sites, based on input from users from around the world. It works in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
WanSecure network overlord
WasteNoTime chrome slacker
Web Filter (from Lightspeed Systems) overlord filtering
Web Patrol $30 windows parent filtering, monitoring, screenshots, spying, timer
WebChaver $5 - $7/month filtering, monitoring, timer
WebCleaner free linux, macosx, network, windows general, parent abandoned, opensource, proxy A proxy-based project that appears to be abandoned. It was last updated in 2010.
WebSafety free android, ios parent monitoring
WebTitan $850/50 users/year overlord filtering, monitoring
WebWatcher windows monitoring, spying
Webconverger linux overlord, general opensource Lock your computer to a Web application. Converts an ordinary computer to a kiosk.
Webroot antivirus
Webshadow free with email-based registration android, ios, windows parent monitoring The software tracks browsing so that parents can see what their children are doing online. The stated goal of the product is to provide an incentive for children to behave online when they know that what they are doing will be seen by their parents. To get the product, you need to give your full name and email address.
Website Blocker (Beta) browser, chrome
Windows Family Safety free windows
ZoneAlarm windows parent antivirus
Zscaler network overlord
bark $7.50/month android, ios parent monitoring, social
clearOS $108/year to $588/year network overlord filtering, gateway, more, network Aimed at businesses, governments, and schools, ClearOS is designed to be installed on a router. clearOS sells switches with ClearOS installed and calls them "appliances". It is very similar to DansGuardian. A very small ISP with a mishmash of filtering services for the very conservative. The SafeSentryPro platform does html filtering.
goguardian overlord
iOS Parental Controls free ios parent, general filtering, monitoring Also known as Restrictions, iOS Parental Controls allow parents to limit what can be done on iOS devices. Similar to Mac OS X Parental Controls, the website filter can operate in unrestricted, automatic (no adult content), and whitelist-only modes.
iProtectYou windows filtering
livigent filtering, hardware, mimetypes, network, smarts, timer
netsentron $75/month network overlord, parent
opendium overlord
pfSense network overlord opensource
the Web Blocker windows filtering, monitoring
uBlock free browser, chrome, firefox-52, firefox-56 antiad, general biglist, filtering
Audience Legend
Internet (often porn) addict or compulsive Internet user who wants to quit. See also slacker.
A person who wants to avoid ads online.
A person who doesn't have a strong leaning toward one of the other audience categories.
A person who is concerned about their privacy when using the Internet.
A school, library, government, company, or business that wants to restrict Internet access of their students, patrons, citizens, employees, or clients respectively.
A parent who wants to protect their offspring.
A person who finds themselves too often distracted or wasting time on the Internet. This is similar to but different from the addict.
A spouse who wants to monitor or limit their partner's activity on the Internet. This audience is not categorized on this page. See instead products for parent or overlord.
Platform Legend
The software integrates with Android.
The software integrates with one or more browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari) as opposed to the operating system or network.
The software integrates with Chrome and/or Chromium.
The software integrates with Firefox 56 or below.
The software integrates with Firefox 52 or above.
The software integrates with iOS.
The software integrates with Linux.
The software integrates with Mac OS X.
The software integrates with a network device, usually as opposed to a browser or operating system. Such software is typically installed on a router, but can sometimes be installed on the local machine if the operating system is of the right kind. All gateways and proxies work at the network level.
The software integrates with Windows.
Feature Legend
The software is no longer being developed. It may or may not still work, depending on how long ago the developers abandoned it.
The software notifies an accountability partner, parent, or spouse regarding Internet activity or filter configuration, typically over email but sometimes using another means such as RSS.
The software is not actively maintained and may or may not still be functional. Ailing is similar to abandoned except it is less clear that the developers have jumped ship.
The software is part of an antivirus product. Most antivirus products come with some type of parental controls.
The software can block user access to programs. See also games.
Filtering is accomplished through a large database of categorized resources.
The software allows the end-user to configure it without a password, but will not allow the change to take effect for some amount of time. The author knows of no filter that supports this other than Pluckeye.
The software interacts with data in the cloud. E.g., a list of websites to block are retrieved from a remote server.
The software will notice and respond to attempts to work around it. E.g., k9 can be configured to block all Internet access for a specified time if too many attempts to visit blocked pages are detected.
The software has not been updated for a long time and may not work on modern operating systems.
The software blocks some content. There are several kinds of filtering.
The software can block user access to other programs (typically this is used to limit game time).
The software is meant to be installed on a network router separate from the end-user machine. In the case of a gateway filter on this page, the OS value lists all operating systems to reflect the fact that the end-user machine may have any operating system. Such software is typically created for schools and employers.
The software comes preinstalled on a device that connects to and filters for the local network.
The software harvests data from the user for the benefit of the publisher of the software. This designation is hard to determine with certainty because what exactly is done with data sent to the software publisher known only to the publisher.
The software supports an imageless mode in which no images or videos are rendered.
The software describes itself as incomplete.
Filtering is accomplished on the fly through keyword detection within web pages.
The location of the end-user is tracked and usually presented to another person (ostensibly the end-user's parent).
Filtering can be done on a mime type basis. E.g., Pluckeye can block all images from , but still allow text.
The software largely contains material intended to help the reader change their mind, typically about porn.
The software monitors Internet activity or filter settings for the purpose of allowing a parent, accountability partner, or other person to view. See also accountability.
The software has other features that do not fit one of the other feature categories.
The software has motivational messages for the end-user.
The software is open source.
The software is open source to interested contributors.
The software allows or requires configuration to be protected by a password or administrator login.
The software uses computer vision algorithms to anaylze images and pixelates ones that contain too much skin.
The software can detect profane words and replace them with #$@! characters.
The software is a proxy and requires browsers be configured to use it (note that this meaning is specific to this page). See also gateway for another kind of proxy.
The software uses self-identifying website ratings such as as RTA and SafeSurf or the discontinued PICS or POWDER labeling systems.
The software takes screenshots so that some other person can review what the user was doing.
The software uses computer vision techniques to dynamically recognize skin in images. See also pixelation.
The software tries to determine whether content should be allowed or not by examining content. This is sometimes used in combination with biglist techniques and sometimes as an alternative.
The software specifically monitors interaction on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter, etc., with the intent of informing a parent about how their child is interacting through these sites.
The software spies on the user and generates reports for somebody else to look at. Spying is similar to monitoring and accountability but distinct because products that spy are more invasive, often logging key strokes and the like. Marketing materials may indicate the end-user is commpletely unaware of the monitoring.
The software can be configured to enable or disable access to the Internet or parts of the Internet for a specified amount of time or time of day.
A variant of monitoring, timetracking emphasizes the amount of time spent on various activities. Many tools that have monitoring also have timetracking and vice-versa. See also monitoring.